National Portrait Gallery: Winston Churchill


Catalogue Number: DEM1142.UK.JS

Barcode: 506047405132 3

RRP: £14.99

Dimensions (mm): H275xW195xD50

Other Information:
1000 piece jigsaw, finished size H680xW480


Winston Churchill’s must be the most famous face of the twentieth century, wreathed in cigar smoke and with his look of formidably aggressive determination. Sickert caught his character well in this sketch undertaken when Churchill was Chancellor of the Exchequer.

At the time, Sickert was giving painting lessons at the latter’s house, Chartwell in Kent. Sickert worked cheifly from photographs in this period, allowing him to paint portraits without commissions or sittings, but Churchill may have sat for him on one of these occassions. Churchill himself disliked the portrait and gave it away soon after it had been presented to him.