London Underground Magazine


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If any institution could more readily come to stand for modern London than the Underground system than I have yet to think of it. Practical, egalitarian, efficient, popular, logical, organised and yet infuriating, maddening, and confusing it stands for everything modern life does in this great world capital. For most of our lives we simply take the Tube for granted, a huge resource that links us to our work, our friends, our entertainment and to every facet of life in the City.

The Underground is dependable, ever present, it’s that gentle giant that rumbles in the distance, those familiar red circles on the street, and yet it wasn’t always like that. But then London wasn’t always like it is today.

In this special magazine meet the men who created this amazing resource, the pioneers who envisaged a joined up City and learn about the failures and successes, the secrets, the urban myths, and the way the Tube has become a vital part of our lives. Plus there are more fascinating facts than you can imagine. Think about London and you can’t help but think about the Tube. Hop on but mind the gap. One billion Londoners can’t be wrong.