Ladybird Alphabet & Numbers Flash Cards


Catalogue Number: DEM1240.UK.GS

Barcode: 506047405218 4

RRP: £9.99

Dimensions (mm): H175xW206xD18

Other Information:
includes 52 flash cards


Ladybird Flash Cards_Alphabet & Numbers….

Introduce your children to the alphabet with the

Ladybird Vintage Collection –  Alphabet flash cards

This wonderful flash card pack features vintage Ladybird illustrations and is perfect for familiarising young children with the alphabet. 26 beautifully illustrated double sided cards help to teach both the big and little letter shapes and introduce the phonic letter sounds.


Introduce your children to numbers with the

Ladybird Vintage Collection –  NUMBER flash cards

Featuring wonderful vintage Ladybird illustrations these 26 double sided flash cards help teach numbers 1-12

in number words and numerals and also help children to count.