Big Book of The Beatles: Fifty Fabulous Years


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The Beatles’ rise to stardom was something more than just another classic rags to riches entertainment story. It possessed particular emotional resonance for millions around the world, a pull that transcended mere recordings. Fans felt connected to the four individuals as people.

Though most would never actually meet them, the personalities of the Fab Four were as distinct as any close relative. John was acerbic, irreverent, and rebellious as well as the undisputed leader of the Beatles, at least in the early days. Paul was a natural-born showman-innately gifted at crafting memorable songs that sounded as though they had always been around. George, the self-styled “dark horse” of the group, provided largely unheralded contributions alongside the dominant two, but his intuitive musicality elevated their catchy ditties to classics. Ringo possessed an “It” factor that made him a star in Liverpool before even joining the band. He had a down-to-earth everyman appeal that earned the praise of his peers and made him the most imitated drummer in rock history.

Though each member was uniquely gifted in his own right, it was as a foursome that they reduced rational people to babbling due to their magnificent music, charisma, and sheer star power. Five decades after the foursome first got together to make records, people around the world still cannot get enough of them, sharing their devotion with their families at home and within large gatherings in public. The Beatles were, and continue to be, as was once said, a force of nature. This is their story.